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Water Filters, Air Purifiers, Emergency Food Supplies, Survival Equipment & Rescue Gear


Canada’s Only Authorized Alexapure, Ready Hour, & Other Survival Related Products Distributor.


Trusted Independence & Nutritional Independence


The first and leading survival company. Late survival company Leader. Pure Filter Canada was founded by people passionate about self-sufficiency and food independence. Not only do we understand the drive to practice emergency preparedness but we are active participants in the lifestyle of survival. We believe that true liberty comes from achieving some level of self-reliance. E-mail us anytime at

Our Products: Alexapure, Ready Hour, & More

Pick & choose from three Alexapure water filtration systems, from our gravity-fed Alexapure Pro to the pocket-sized Survival Spring.

We have different varieties for anything you would need.


The Alexapure Pro is our most powerful gravitational force-fueled water filtration system for emergencies and every day.

The Alexapure Under Counter Water System provides Safe, Pure, Crystal Clear Water-Out of Your Tap.

Reduces up to 99.9999 per cent of 206 pollutants by removing heavy metals, lead, fluoride, chlorine, viruses, bacteria, pesticides & pharmaceuticals.

Defeat treated water toxins with potent, powerful, & effective Alexapure Pitcher filtration at the tap. During the day time or anytime you need it!


Cleaner, safer water is the best place to store or drink in water containers in our Alexapure Water Container.


Survival Spring is a pocket-sized water filter which is ready for the field. Drink safely from streams, lakes, puddles, rivers, ponds – from any fresh source.


Powerful micron filtering technology including ionic absorption in a sporty bottle. For the outdoors when you go camping, for the car with your kids, or for just home use . This is the water filtration bottle, the Alexapure Go.

A true HEPA air filtration system in Alexapure Breeze reduces and can fix 99.97 per cent of airborne contaminants. Add one to your home and take a quick breath-TODAY!


Designed to help the family breathe better, safer air, the Alexapure Family of Air Purification solutions does just that!


Indoor air emissions, toxic chemicals and other contaminants can reduce indoor air quality, can be up to 10 times worse than outdoor air pollution. This is because contained areas create more potential pollutants than open spaces do


The Alexapure Breeze is the progressive home air purifier that consolidates 4 phases of filtration.


Keep the air in your vehicle new with negative particle refinement and fundamental oil dispersion with the Alexapure Breeze Micro.

Discover substitutions or stock up on extra confirmed water channels to guarantee more secure water consistently.


We have replacements for all the Alexapure water & air filtration systems.

Short-Term Food Storage


Our endurance food for short-term emergencies provides supplemental dinners for three days to one month.


These nourishment’s are perfect for tropical storms, tremors, catastrophic events, and force blackouts.


These delicious meals last up to 25 years in stockpiling. Snatch one and go – they fit effectively in your vehicle.

Long-Term Food Storage


Our food stockpiling units for long-term emergencies and endurance give meals averaging 2,000+ calories per day for one month to 1 year. Or then again more.


These nourishment’s are perfect for economic breakdown, worldwide clash, significant catastrophic events, pandemics or viral flare-ups, and power framework disappointments.


These delicious dinners are stuffed in tough, stack-able, cans and last up to 25 years in stockpiling.



Special Emergency Food Kits


Our special crisis food packs give you the additional solace and assortment you long for. Customize your food storage plan to the best of your choices. Choose from the Gluten Free Food Kit, Mega Protein Kit, & Ultimate Breakfast Kit amongst the many others.

Bulk #10 Food Cans


Here’s a solid method to fabricate your crisis food flexibly and feed folks meals in mass.


These large #10 cans of Ready Hour Foods by Pure Filter Canada are sealed hermetically sealed to give heavenly assortment of foods.


Unopened cans last up to 30 years in appropriate capacity.

Case Pack Food Pouches


Redo your supplemental crisis food stockpiling plan without squandering what you don’t utilize immediately. These Ready Hour by Pure Filter Canada case packs accompany different, resealable food pockets with a zipper top that last unopened as long as 25 years. Some even 30 years.

Our enthusiasm is to create accessible the implies for all Canadians to have the cleanest, freshest, and purest drinking water accessible anyplaceWe are able do this by giving our clients with the leading quality and longest enduring channels accessible on the advertise for affordability and comfort. Our focus is to supply extraordinary items and benefit through judgment, commitment to our clientscollaboration, and the foremost thorough testing within the industry. Persistent quality advancement is an progressing objective and the fulfillment and wellbeing of our clients is foremost so we thank you for choosing the Alexapure line of water filtration and filtration products.

The Alexapure® family of air and water filtration systems is your solution for clean air and water – every day.

At Alexapure, our goal is to improve your home through the science of air and water filtration. Our filtration systems are developed with a passion for innovation. In the process, we’ve created breakthrough technologies that give you the cleanest air and water. Our founder wouldn’t lend his daughter’s name to anything less.

The Alexapure family of products brings you the absolute best water filtration available, whether at home, on the trail or in an emergency. Get the groundbreaking filtration technology of the Alexapure Pro today and never worry about the safety of your drinking water again.

Revolutionary Water Filtration, Affordable for Every Home The Alexapure Pro is revolutionizing the way people look at their drinking water. It highly outperforms most existing home water filters in filtration power and filter capacity. This makes the Alexapure Pro the best choice for quality water filtration, both for everyday home use, and during an emergency.

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All Food Products/Items Sales Are Final – No Returns/Refunds



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