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2-Week Emergency Food Supply (1,500+ Calories/Day)


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2-Week Emergency Food Supply (1,500+ Calories/Day)



Ready Hour 2-Week Emergency Food Supply (1,500+ calories/day)



Regardless of whether regular or man made, no area is safe from the potential for debacle. Tornado, quake, tropical storm, winter tempest or fear assault are only a couple of instances of crises that could require the need to have a crisis food gracefully and crisis water flexibly close by. Our Two-Week Kit will give one individual 1,500 calories every day to most recent 14 days. The suppers are loaded with nutrients, protein, and calories expected to exceed expectations through the mayhem.


We center around calories, not the serving size. Calories are what has the effect in whether your body performs at ideal pace or you stay drowsy. In a crisis or high continuance exercises you need the vitality to flourish and endure.


With 92 servings of food, you won’t need to stress over going hungry. Nourishments last as long as 25 years in ideal stockpiling conditions. Arrives in a rough, water safe pail estimating 8″ x 9″ x 13.5″. Weighs 14.15 pounds.


This 2-Week Emergency Food Supply Contains:



Traveler’s Stew – 4 servings



Creamy Chicken Flavored Rice – 8 servings



Mac & Cheese – 4 servings



Long Grain White Rice – 20 servings



Buttermilk Pancakes – 20 servings



Southwest Savory Rice – 8 servings



Maple Grove Oatmeal – 16 servings



Homestyle Potato Soup – 12 servings





Pack ought to be kept in a dim, cool spot with temperatures extending from 55 to 70 degrees.


4.3 Gallons of water are expected to set up the whole pack. This food unit has a load of 14.15 pounds.


Note: Based on stock levels, Ready Hour may substitute a food or potentially drink item with like-kind things of equivalent or more prominent incentive to facilitate conveyance.


Ready Hour nourishments are gladly made in the USA.






Our 2-Week Emergency Food Supply midpoints 1,500+ calories every day for one individual for 14 days. That is 92 servings! This pail gives an incredible supplemental food flexibly.


These Ready Hour dinners meet or surpass the best expectations in the business. This crisis food stockpiling pack incorporates:


  • A food flexibly averaging 1,500+ calories every day
  • As long as 25-year timeframe of realistic usability
  • Resealable zipper-top substantial 4-layer pocket bundling
  • One 8″ x 9″ x 13.5″ basin for long haul stockpiling
  • Nourishments developed and made in the USA, no MSG included
  • Simple to get ready and delectable morning meals, snacks and suppers
  • Oxygen safeguards embedded in bundling to broaden timeframe of realistic usability




At the point when every individual in your family unit has a 2-Week Emergency Food Supply, you’ll be set up for:


  • Force blackouts
  • Catastrophic events that sever flexibly chains and cut store get to
  • Supplemental dinners for day by day use or food deficiencies
  • Pestilences and isolates
  • Outdoors or the lodge




Readiness guides suggest at any rate 3 months of nourishment for each individual in your crisis readiness plan. Food stockpiling is a savvy interest so as to flourish during an emergency.


Building a food stockpiling gracefully is an excursion. Start with a 2-Week Emergency Food Supply and afterward add extra packs to your arrangement every month. After some time, as you put resources into your arrangement, you will have the significant serenity having a sense of safety in your capacity to endure longer crises.





2-Week Emergency Food Supply (1,500+ Calories/Day) Canada

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